An Interview with our Clinical Naturopath – Jessica

July 20, 2020

What made you decide to be a Clinical Naturopath?  


As a young adult, I had many questions about my health. 

Why was I always tried?

Was this normal?

Could I do anything about it?

I wanted to lose weight but I didn’t know where to start. 

I lacked motivation and don’t know who to ask for help. 

So many foods claimed to be healthy or had a “five-star rating”… whatever that was. 

I would try a diet Id see online and would give up after a few days because I was hungry and sad. 

I’d go to the local GP and ask for help. They would do a few blood tests and come back and say everything was all normal. 

I had questions and I didn’t always want to have to go ask someone for the answer. 

So I decided to be my own resource;  I wanted to learn how to make myself feel better. 

Now I like to help others do the same. 


For those not familiar with Naturopathy, can you describe what it is you do?

In Naturopathy we focus on being proactive rather than only reactive – prevention is better than a cure.


Naturopathic medicine is a system of medicine that uses herbs, diet, vitamins and lifestyle interventions to help return our bodies to homeostasis by removing the obstacles to good health. 

In clinical practice is there any special area of interest you like to support clients to manage? 


My areas of interest include:

– neurotransmitter production and the management of low mood, including depressive and anxious symptoms

– stress management 

– fatigue and energy 

– food as medicine

– preconception nutrition 

– weight loss and sports nutrition 

– liver health

–  female hormone management


What made you so passionate about supporting people in this particular area? 


My own experience with mood regulation and energy. Once I realised what I had been doing wrong and that I was actually supposed to feel GOOD all the time, there was no going back. 


What are your personal interests outside of clinic?


I love to cook, eat and travel. I also enjoy yoga, camping and fussing over my houseplants.


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Robert Gentile

B.C.M (Hons), C.Clin.Prac (China), C.Toyohari. Registered Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Integrative Natural Medicine Practitioner.

Robert is a passionate and warm practitioner who has an extensive knowledge of integrative and functional natural medicine. He is down to earth and has an interest in organic foods, gardening and sustainable living. With over a decade of experience, he is renowned for being very thorough by both fellow practitioners and patients alike.