Naturopath online consultations

With an increase in physical distancing measures our Naturopath consultations have moved to an online or phone format – you can expect the same level of care and individualized natural health care approach of your health concerns.    Nothing has changed about the type and level of service you will receive, only the format. What […]

An Interview our Holistic Healer and Hypnotherapist – Rose

What made you decide to be a holistic healer? From a very young age I was aware of my connections to energy. After having my own near death experience these connections become more profound and I felt a calling to use these gifts to help others. I began to use my connection to help people […]

4 Top Tips to Naturally Improve Your Digestion

In recent decades, digestive disorders have become increasingly commonplace. Many patients coming to the clinic present with various digestive symptoms, such as bloating, reflux, stomach aches, constipation, diarrhea or a combination of both. Our Clinical Naturopath Natalie Earles has a special focus on skin and digestive conditions. As such, she writes a lot about these […]

An interview with our Clinical Director and Acupuncturist – Robert

What made you decide to be an Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Natural Medicine Practitioner? When I was entering adolescence I suddenly developed a strong interest in Eastern ways of thinking that came out of nowhere. My father had a library of books on the topic of holistic health, medicine, qi gong, martial arts, meditation, science and […]

An interview with our Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner – Irene

What made you decide to be a Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner? It was an overwhelming feeling that the earth and its people need to be healed one by one.   For those not familiar with Massage Therapy and Reiki can you describe what it is you do? I co facilitate with you to help […]

Hospital Bag Checklist for Pregnant Mums – What to bring?

A common question I get from patients is “what should I bring to the hospital for labour”? And its a good one. There are many things that mothers have told me after birth that they wish they brought with them. So I have compiled a hospital bag checklist for pregnant mums, their partners, and their […]

The common skincare ingredients disrupting your hormones

Our skin is our bodies largest organ and what we put on it really does matter. A percentage of everything we place on our skin is either absorbed into our bloodstream or penetrates within the layers of our skin and certain chemicals have the ability to disrupt the way our body naturally functions.   On […]

Top 4 Apps to Support your Mental Health

It is estimated that around half the population in Australia will experience a mental health disorder at some point in their life with 1 in 6 people currently experiencing depression or anxiety or both. Finding ways to help yourself or a loved one cope with mental health is extremely important, we’ve put together out top […]

7 Common Fertility Myths Debunked

MYTH#1 You need to have sex every day during your fertility window to conceive. = False. Intercourse every second day through the fertile window is just as successful and often much less stressful for the couple. MYTH#2 I am under 40, so I still have plenty of time to conceive.  = False. Age is one […]

Changes to Consultation Fees 2019

Changes to consultation fees as of July 2019 We are proud to deliver a range of services and passionate practitioners dedicated towards inspiring, educating and empowering you to achieve true health. In order to ensure we can continue to provide you with the best service, there will be small price increases in selective services effective […]