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Hypnotherapist in Essendon – Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis Treatment

Hypnotherapy is provided at Essendon Natural Health by Holistic Healer and Hypnotherapist Rose Gentile. Rose also performs Holistic & Crystal Healing.


What is hypnotherapy and what does it do?

Hypnotherapy is a safe and beneficial form of therapy. It has a history of use spanning hundreds of years in various cultures and was approved as a therapeutic practice by the British Medical Association in 1955 and the American Medical Association in 1958.

Hypnosis is not sleep, but a natural, normal, relaxed and focused state of attention or “trance state” that is characterised by:

  • Feelings of well-being
  • Increased muscle relaxation
  • Predominating Alpha Brain Waves
  • An enhanced ability to access memories
  • An enhanced ability to accept new ideas about yourself if they are not in conflict with your values.

It is important to remember that hypnosis per se is not “therapy”: the skilled practice of hypnotherapy resides in the way in which hypnosis is used to optimise a broad range of counselling techniques to facilitate whatever healing and change is appropriate for you in your particular situation.


Is hypnotherapy safe?

Yes hypnotherapy is safe and does not have any harmful side effects. Contrary to some of the myths surrounding Hypnosis, you cannot be made to do anything you do not want to do nor will you “reveal your deepest secrets” either – it is even possible to tell lies while under hypnosis. You can only be guided into the hypnotic state by your therapist if you want to be and all hypnosis is in fact self hypnosis.


What is hypnotherapy used for?

Hypnotherapy has a wide range of applications some of which include:

  • alleviation of physical or emotional trauma
  • release of anger, fear and frustration
  • elimination of fears and phobias
  • habit control such as quitting smoking, nail biting
  • performance anxiety such as exams or driving tests
  • increased self acceptance and self respect
  • improvement in confidence and motivation
  • heightened concentration and creativity
  • improved positive thinking and problem solving
  • enhanced sports performance
  • stress management and insomnia

In addition to the above examples, Hypnosis has a long history of application for pain control as well as being an effective treatment for easing the symptoms of various medical conditions such as hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, migraines and asthma. There is a lot of scientific research that supports the use of hypnotherapy.


What is so special about our Hypnotherapist?

Unlike other Hypnotherapists, Rose utilises a number of other counselling techniques and holistic therapies into her treatments such crystal healing, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) techniques, and flower essences. This combined with a warm, nurturing and friendly atmosphere creates just the right combination to aid in healing the body and mind.


How long does a hypnotherapy session last?

Each session lasts for one and a half hours as the consultations involves discussion, counselling, and eventual hypnotherapy.


How many sessions will I need?

This differs from person to person. Rose typically recommends three sessions to create a change in one’s mind state and to improve their well being.


How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by contact our friendly reception staff on 03 9337 8572 or by simply emailing us at admin@essendonnaturalhealth.com.au.