Mood and sleep support

Mood Balance & Sleep Support

Who Would Benefit From Our Mood & Sleep Support Program?

Our Mood and Sleep support program is suitable for those experiencing a variety of symptoms such as:

  • High-stress levels causing mental fatigue, tight muscles, digestive symptoms or mood changes
  • Anxiety-related symptoms such as a sense of feeling overwhelmed, chest tightness, difficult breathing, palpitations, feeling tense and edgy.
  • Low mood-related symptoms such as feeling flat, unmotivated, teary, low energy, and brain fog.
  • Sleep disorder related concerns such as difficulty falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, light sleep, excessive dreaming, and nightmares.

We aim to provide complimentary medicine support and will commonly integrate care with your mental health team such as psychologists, counsellors, GP, or psychiatrists. We aim to help to identify the key factors behind your symptoms and form a treatment plan to address these factors alongside conventional care.

Common triggers for these symptoms can include exposure to:

  • Prolonged high-stress environments.
  • Social and living related causes.
  • Dietary factors.
  • Genetic influences.
  • Particular medically diagnosed conditions.


Why is Good Mood and Sleep So Important to Our Health?

Having a healthy mood is more than just feeling okay, it’s about feeling optimistic and dealing with emotions in an appropriately propionate manner. Poor mood, lack of sleep and high stress are associated with poorer health outcomes and a high risk for many physical conditions.


Who Runs the Mood Balance and Sleep Support Program at Essendon Natural Health?

We have two key approaches to this;

  1. A clinical nutritional approach which combines evidence-based natural medicines with nutritional medicine, and/or…
  2. A Chinese medicine approach exploring acupuncture and herbal medicine. Some patients decide to explore both together, and some prefer to start out with one method that fits what they are looking for.

Natalie Gibson: Our Clinical Naturopath Natalie runs the nutritional approach to this program. She has a special interest in working with patients experiencing mood and sleep-related disorders. She takes into consideration how digestive function, hormone balance and other factors influence the mood. She incorporates the use of diet as medicine, lifestyle changes, vitamins and minerals, and herbal medicine to address the key drivers behind mood and sleep-related imbalances. As a Clinical Naturopath, Natalie may refer you for blood tests and other pathology tests or request to see previous blood tests to guide her approach.

Our practitioners have experience in working with GP’s, psychologists and specialists in an integrative manner and believe in working together with your current healthcare professionals.


What Other Services Do You Offer for Mood and Sleep Concerns?

Many of our patients choose to see other therapists for mood and sleep support. These therapies may assist alongside other healthcare professionals as a complementary therapy.

Rose Gentile: Our Holistic Healer and Hypnotherapist Rose uses more subtle means to assist her patients such as crystal healing, hypnotherapy, and Bach flower remedies. Rose is a gifted healer and well renowned in Melbourne for her abilities.


Further Questions?

If you have any enquires or maybe some questions about the program, please feel free to contact Lachlan or Natalie at or call the clinic on 03 9337 8572. To make a time to see Lachlan, Natalie, or Irene, you can book an appointment online here. Please call reception to book a time in for Rose.


Where are you located?

Essendon Natural Health is located at 187 Buckley Street, Essendon, on the corner of Buckley Street and Clarinda Road. We are less than 10 minutes walk from Essendon Train station. Parking is free and there are 1-2 hour car parks in the surrounding streets.

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