Natural Dermatology

Natural Dermatology Program

Our Natural Dermatology Program is located in Essendon, Melbourne. It is run by our Clinical Naturopath Natalie Earles who has a special interest in working with patients with skin complaints, such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, and more.


Who would benefit from this program? 

Acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis amongst other skin conditions all have one thing in common their presentation is often a sign of a greater internal imbalance.

These conditions may arise from a number of different areas including poor gut health, immune system and/ or hormonal imbalance, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, stress as well as microbial infections.

It is for this reason our natural dermatology program takes a holistic approach to the management of these conditions to uncover the root cause and develop a personalized treatment plan including dietary and lifestyle measures as well as herbal and nutritional medicine where applicable to help you achieve the healthy clear skin you’re after.


What to expect from your first consultation?

In your first consultation a thorough case taking will be completed, this includes the history of the skin complaint whilst also assessing other areas of your health that may be linked to this including digestive health, hormonal issues, mental and physical health as well as  diet and lifestyle factors.

A personalised treatment plan will be written for you which will include dietary and lifestyle advice and herbal / nutritional medicine where applicable. In some cases, we also prepare personalised topical skin care products.


Who runs the Natural Dermatology program at Essendon Natural Health? 

Clinical Naturopath Natalie Earles has a special focus on the treatment of dermatological complaints and takes care in providing a personalised treatment plan to support her patients. In complicated skin care cases further recommendation for functional pathology or in-house allergy testing may be suitable to help address the route cause of your complaint.


Further questions?

If you have any enquires or maybe some questions about the program, please feel free to contact Natalie Earles at or call the clinic on 03 9337 8572. To make a time to see Natalie, you can book an appointment online here. 


Where are you located?

Essendon Natural Health is located at 187 Buckley Street, Essendon, on the corner of Buckley Street and Clarinda Road. We are less then 10 minutes walk from Essendon Train station. Parking is free and there are 1-2 hour car parks in the surrounding streets.



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