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Dr. Kim Nguyen (Osteopath)

Dr Kim Nguyen is a registered and qualified Osteopath. Kim also has nearly over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry working with patients for weight management, rehabilitation, sport specific performance & strength and conditioning. 

Kim is an approachable, empathetic and compassionate Osteopath. Her approach is holistic, inclusive and proactive. It involves great consideration of your lifestyle, physical, mental, emotional health and attitude to resolve the cause of your pain. Kim utilises osteopathic treatment including dry needling, cupping and taping techniques to get the best outcome for her patients. Her techniques are not limited to manual therapy, it includes addressing nutrition, sleep and movement that allow your body to move flawlessly and fuelling your body with proper nutrients for optimal health.

Kim has a special interest in treating musculoskeletal presentations including neck pain, shoulder/elbow pain, back pain, hip/knee pain, sciatica and sport specific injuries. She also enjoys helping patients return to sport/work with rehabilitation and strength & conditioning. 

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