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Essendon Natural Health

Eden Rochester

Eden is an experienced Clinical Myotherapist and Pilates Instructor who was drawn to the
profession as her mother had serious injuries from a car accident and she wanted
to be able to help her with her ongoing injuries.

Chronic conditions, pain and injury management are particular areas of interest
for Eden, and she says that “helping people from all backgrounds and walks of
life drives me in my profession. Working with people with varying levels of
disability and fitness levels keeps the work interesting. I thrive to connect with
my patients, gaining a deeper understanding of where they are at”.

Eden has a particular interest in treating temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain
and dysfunction as well as headaches and neck pain. Eden herself has
experienced these issues and knows that hands on treatment as well as
stretching and exercise can provide profound relief. Using techniques such as dry needling, joint mobilisation, deep/soft tissue
therapies, cupping and exercise/stretch prescription, Eden is able to provide a
range of solutions for her patients.

Eden strongly believes in forever evolving as a practitioner and has completed
formal studies as well as professional development to back this up. Eden holds a
Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapy) as well as a Bachelor of
Biomedicine (Immunopharmacology). She has also completed a Certificate 3 & 4
of Fitness and training in Pilates.

When not treating patients, you will find her hanging out with friends at a cafe or
restaurant as well as watching boxing and UFC with her family (including the
family Staffy).