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Essendon Natural Health

Rose Gentile

Rose is a warm, gentle and calm therapist with an affinity for healing. Rose’s journey as a healer began at a young age with the ability to see people’s auras; the colours displayed around their bodies that indicate ones health, emotional state and constitutional temperaments. She was unaware of what this was at the time however never felt fearful about it. In her early forties Rose experienced a near death experience that changed her dramatically. As a result of this experience, she came back with her mind awoken and the ability to see, feel and communicate at an energetic level and at a much higher level than she had experienced whilst growing up. 

Since this time, Rose began to expand her knowledge and undertake further education in hypnotherapy, holistic counselling, neuro-linguistic programming, tarot, flower essences and other areas of healing. Crystal healing, of which is Rose’s main expertise, is something that came naturally to her. She can physically assess an individual’s aura, chakras, and other subtle energies, and using crystals can rebalance emotional and physical blockages.

Rose is renowned for her gifted abilities and healings; attracting people throughout metro and regional Victoria. She is dedicated to the growth, development, and transformation of the people she works with.

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