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Spring, Hayfever and the Liver

August 30, 2017

A Chinese Medicine Explanation

In Chinese Medicine, Spring is the season of the Wood element and the Liver organ system. Both Spring and the Wood element are associated with rejuvenation and new growth. Just as you can see new growth appearing on trees and plants after going into a dormant state over winter, this is also a time for us to start getting back out into the world after hibernating through the cold months. It is therefore a great time to “spring clean” in your life, and get rid of the old habits that haven’t been working for you, and start with new healthy ones.


The energy of the Liver is to move up and outwards. But this movement can cause some problems if there is a blockage in the way, either physical or emotional. This can lead to emotional outbursts, increased agitation or emotional stagnation, which can be felt as an increase in frustration or anger during this time. If you are feeling this yourself, this time can provide a good opportunity to examine what may be getting in your way to make you feel stuck, and look at ways to clear this stagnation.


Another common problem found at this time of the year is hayfever. Hayfever can arise when your immune system is a bit “under the weather”, and isn’t strong enough to fight off  the attack that pollen presents. Or it can also be caused by stuck Liver energy, which causes the body to over-react when hit by pollen in the air. It is easy to tell which type you have – if your immune system is a bit weak, you will feel lethargic, foggy in the head, and have heavy, tired limbs, as well as sneezing and having a runny nose; if it is caused by an over-active Liver, you will feel agitated, especially when it is windy, you’ll have red, irritated eyes, and be itchy on the head and in the throat. Most often hayfever will be a combination of both of these presentations, but one will usually be dominant.


The good news is that Chinese medicine (CM) can help! CM has been treating hayfever for thousands of years, and with both acupuncture and herbal medicine, relief can be found. My terrible hayfever was what actually got me into studying Chinese medicine in the first place. I had suffered for years with hayfever, since I was about eight years old. My GP back then was an old Chinese guy who always wanted to give me acupuncture to help, but as a child I was too afraid of the needles. So I suffered through until my early 20’s until I finally went and tried it myself. Needless to say, it worked wonders, and is now my go to treatment for my own hayfever. The results were so impressive, it swayed me to go back to school and study it for myself, bringing me to this career.


If you’d like to make an acupuncture appointment with Lachlan to speak about treatment for hayfever, you can call the clinic on 9337 8572.


Lachlan is a warm, kind, and gentle healthcare professional. He started out on his way to becoming an Acupuncturist and Herbalist via a number of years working as a social worker in the inner southern suburbs of Melbourne. After a few years he started looking for a different way of helping people, leading him to Chinese Medicine. Through his work as a social worker, he has developed a strong interest in treating mental and emotional health conditions. He has a deep understanding of the effects stress can have on a person, and what it can lead to if left unchecked for too long. He also has a strong interest in pain management, and men’s health concerns, whether they are mental health, physical health or sexual health issues. Lachlan also assists Robert Gentile in carrying out the Acupuncture IVF supportive treatments.