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Turmeric and Depression

August 7, 2017

Turmeric and Depression: What does the research say?

Did you know that there is now evidence to support the use of turmeric extracts in the management of major depression? A recent review of the available research was published showing positive benefit for patients suffering from major depression. And the good thing is that turmeric extracts are well tolerated and appear to be safe to take alongside conventional antidepressants.

The meta analysis in question was published in the Journal of American Medical Directors Association in 2016 and concluded that “Curcumin (an active constituent in turmeric) appears to be safe, well tolerated, and efficacious among depressed patients”. It should also be noted that some of the trials included stated that the participants reported significant anti anxiety effects as well.

It should be noted that standard culinary turmeric may not produce the same results as the research. Many of the studies included in the review were based on standardised extracts of turmeric that had been enhanced to contain a high doses of the active compound curcumin, which is poorly absorbed in standard turmeric.

Dosage and extract quality is very important and is one of the reasons why we recommend seeing one of our natural medicine practitioners who is very familiar with this research and how to apply it clinically.

Our Clinical Naturopath, Jessica Bouwmeester, has a special interest in working with patients undergoing mental health concerns. She is familiar with the use of turmeric extracts in these conditions.

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