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Pregnancy Osteopathy

July 24, 2017

Find out what our Osteopaths can do for you

At Essendon Natural Health, our Registered Osteopaths, Dr. Sonia Dolatian and Dr. Amy Ly, have a special interest in working with pregnant women. They both see a large number of these cases, assisting in the management of various aches and pains that commonly present in pregnancy.

What does the scientific research say?

Well osteopathic treatment has been shown to reduce the decline in back-specific function during third trimester (Licciardone et al, 2010) and alongside other therapies such as acupuncture, helped relieve back and pelvic pain more than standard care (Pennick & Liddle, 2013).

Clinically, we have found that the combination of osteopathy and acupuncture can help to reduce and manage pelvic and back pain in our pregnant patients.

If you are experiencing back and pelvic pain during pregnancy, feel free to contact the clinic on 03 9337 8572 and have a chat to Sonia or Amy to see if they may be able to help you.

Or to book an appointment, please do so online here.



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