What is Holistic Nutrition?

December 8, 2022

Holistic nutrition or naturopathic nutrition is an approach to nutrition that blends the principles behind nutrition and holistic health. As the name suggests, the resulting focus is broad and brings in diverse factors like diet, mental health, and lifestyle. The aim is to work from the understanding that no single nutrition or mental health factor occurs in a vacuum and to use this knowledge to support positive outcomes for wellbeing.


Holistic nutrition addresses body, mind, and spirit

Practitioners of holistic nutrition favour integrative, non-invasive treatments that support and encourage your body’s natural capacity and power to heal, covering a broad range of modalities. Any dietary recommendations and advice will always be provided with a thorough awareness of case history and influencing factors in mind. Holistic nutritionists are educated, methodical and are always aware of any possible safety issues – for example, any interactions that might occur between medication a client is taking and nutritional supplements and foods.


Beyond diet and nutrition, a holistic or naturopathic nutritionist’s broad assessment will identify any potential hidden patterns or links that may be influencing wellbeing or worsening symptoms. The assessment examines aspects that can include health history, family history, work, relationships, life circumstances unique to a person, stress levels, spiritual beliefs, environmental factors, emotions or the subtle food intolerances.

Health, wellbeing, and illness result from extremely complex sets of circumstances, and holistic nutrition tends to be sceptical of the body/mind duality, instead emphasising balance and wellness in all areas of life as a foundation for lasting good health. For this reason, practitioners will often make lifestyle recommendations along with dietary ones.


As well as avoiding treatment of symptoms over causes, this approach also allows practitioners to identify any potential risk factors for disease development and provide a detailed strategy for reducing these risks. A naturopath’s holistic approach extends both back into the past and forward into the future, placing control of your long-term health in your own hands through education.

Natural nutritional advice from our friendly experts

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Natalie Earles

Natalie is an empathetic and caring Clinical Naturopath who creates a relaxed and non-judgemental environment for her clients. She has a special interest in the management of skin conditions and digestive disturbances. She is registered with the National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA).